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Time Line of Innovations


Praveen Gorakavi

Following enlists the commercialized innovations of Praveen Kumar Gorakavi


  • Adjustable dosage mechanism - packaging
    • A novel packaging design for the delivery of an adjustable amount of liquid material
  • Liquid Jetting Mechanism for electric toothbrush
    • A novel design for a streamed delivery of cleansing liquid / toothpaste for an application in electric toothbrush
  • Soft Hands
    • A High-Pace disinfectant device to remove microbial contamination form the ‘currency - notes’
  • Light Weight composite Packaging Material
    • A novel material developed to reduce weight and paper content used in secondary & transit packaging
  • Wrinkle Free composite suite fabric
    • Breathable composite fabric developed for application in men's apparel
  • Dosa premix formulation
    • Dosa is a South Indian BreakFast dish. A new and innovative formulation has been developed
  • Holographic Ink
    • Holographic ink is suggested in conjunction with conventional inks for higher detection and recovery of used flexible packaging material.
  • Orthopedic catheter for Spinal infusion
    • A new device & application of photo-polymeric material for spinal restoration which serves as an alternative to vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty.
  • Sachet manufacturing Process
    • A novel manufacturing procedure for high-pace packaging in specially designed sachet
  • Water Purification device
    • A new water purification device for high flow-rate fluoride removal
  • Multi-Colour Nail Painter
    • A disruptive innovation of a pen that can produce ~256 colours from a single pen. Suggested for nail paint, face foundation and other possible colour cosmetics.
  • Mechanical Braille Typewriter
    • World's low cost Braille typewriter developed in collaboration with INFOSYS technologies Limited
  • Nutrient Encapsulation Technology
    • In support of UN world food program, an encapsulate has been developed to extend the shelf life of food and contain the nutrient value irrespective of the delivering mechanism
  • Fragrance encapsulation Technology
    • an encapsulate is developed to hold the fragrance for a longer duration in sanitary pads & baby diapers
  • Fragrance encapsulation Technology
    • an encapsulate is developed to hold the fragrance for a longer duration in detergents
  • Dual Sided Self Adhesive Paper
    • Self adhesive sheets that can be used for two sides hence saving 36% of the paper used is developed! as compared to the conventional Post-It notes that use a single side of the paper
  • Compaq Braille note taker
    • Handheld machine for quicker and easier Braille notes
  • Perpetual Calendar for 40,000 Years
    • combined 34 different formats of calendars used across the world for more than 3000 years into a singular version for a complete coverage of time
  • Missile ammunition Technology  
  • Artificial Limb (Above Knee)
    • World’s low cost and low weight artificial leg, above knee design shared open source in the greater interest of PH
  • Food Preservator - VascaMode
    • Design shared with one of the largest consumer electronic company of Asia, National Medal winning technology
  • Cellulosic BioEthanol
    • Start-Up under the incubation support 
  • Lake Water Purification Unit -
    • Low cost Black water to Grey water production unit
  • Wireless Electron Transport System
    • A new uncertainty principle explained in terms of fourth dimensional analysis is explained around 10 years before the Nobel Prize winning Boson particle discovery at CERN Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India.
  • HypoCenter Location Principle
    • The fault point identification principle, of an earthquake, developed to understand the underground metal/mineral content to a better precision level