Recent Talk by Praveen Gorakavi in Josh Talks in Hyderabad, India

Did You Know?


Praveen is a National Award Winner, and the Youngest to receive the prestigious FAPCCI award in 92 years of the chapter's history,  

Praveen is the youngest to produce Rocket Fuel from India.

Praveen developed World's low-cost water purifier for 1$ (1000L life span)


  • Low-Cost Innovation
  • New Product Development
  • MultiDisciplinary R&I
  • Social Innovation
  • Philanthropreneurship 
  • Technology Transfer
  • Collaboration

Proven Track 
Low-Cost Innovations

Internationally Acclaimed

Multi Award Winning Scientist / Inventor


MultiDisciplinary R&I

Praveen and his team hailing from various domains of chemical engineering have developed first samples of low-cost ultra-lightweighted paperboard using a new technology. Discussions are on with reputed companies for collaboration

Praveen, in collaboration with Infosys and Kilimanjaro Blind Trust (Africa) has developed the World's Low-Cost Braille Typewriter for the VI students.

Latest Innovations


partnered 7+ fortune500


Upcoming Projects


  • Adjustable Dispensing Mechanism 
  • BDpro - Cellulosic BioEthanol 



Welcome to the Official Website of Praveen Kumar Gorakavi !

Praveen is a multi award winning Scientist / Inventor.

Well recognized as a former child prodigy & a polymath for his contributions from a wide spectrum of sciences and engineering. Praveen went on to collaborate and ease people's life & product's purpose at numerous occasions.