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Praveen Kumar Gorakavi


Praveen Kumar Gorakavi (born May 24, 1989) is an Indian Scientist, Chemical Engineer, Inventor and consultant, recognized as a polymath and former child prodigy for his works in a spectrum of fields of Science and Engineering since childhood. 

Gorakavi's innovations span multiple scientific fields. He has developed a low-cost artificial limb, products for water purification, food storage, biofuel synthesis, low-cost mechanical brailler and propellant from paraffin. 


Since 2003, Praveen has been actively developing several innovations ranging over a wider fields of Science & Engineering, of which 27 technologies (as of October 2017) were commercialized in collaboration with various companies of international reputation and government departments. These works of Praveen, directly or indirectly, touches an estimate of 1,000,000 people annually, across 4 continents.  

Few of the high impact disruptive innovations are mentioned under.


  1. Cellulosic Bio-Ethanol producing catalyst. The ethanol synthesis process is an alternate to the contemporary fermentation process, with higher production rate.
  2. World's low-cost water purifier costing 1$ for an effective life span of purifying upto 1000 L of water. Bacterial and disease causing pathogen removal upto 99.9999%
  3. Active-Packaging material with time-release of preservative. The encapsulation technology thus helps extend the shelf-life without chemically altering the content. 

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27Commercialized Technologies |13 National level Grants |7+Fortune500 companies| 5Governments|4Continents 

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AV on Gorakavi

Praveen's contribution to S&T, especially in developing low-cost innovations were well received by the markets across various domains. Several prestigious scientific & industrial organisations, governments, social organisations have recognized Praveen bestowing awards. Few of them are


  • National Bal Shree Honour

  • FAPCCI Award 

  • Ugadi Gavrav Puraskar

  • National Science Medal

  • Best Technologist for Disabled welfare

  • Special Recognition -Scientific Research

  • Governor's Appreciation Award - Design

  • Finalist Jindal Award

Praveen and co-awardees with The President of India